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From left to right, Sh Fakhrudeen Owaisi, MJC President, Ml Ihsaan Hendricks, Sh Ninowy, MJC Deputy President, Sh Achmat Sedick

Sh Mohammad bin Yahya Al Ninowy a renowned scholar who currently holds the position as Imam of Masjid-al-Madina in Atlanta, Georgia(USA) ,visited the Muslim Judicial Council’s premises and addressed the gathering with his vast knowledge and wisdom.

The Honorable Shaykh stems from the Southern Iraqi village of Ninawa and studied under his father Sayyed Yahya, Rahmatullahi alaih where he memorized the Noble Quran. He further acquired knowledge in different Islamic arenas including Aqeedah, Hadeeth and Ihsaan with Ijaazas (a license to teach ).  He studied under many scholars and attended Al-Azhar University, faculty of Usool-ud –Deen, and  specialises in the fields of Hadeeth and Tawheed.

In his address to the gathering he particularly focused on the manner in which knowledge should be acquired .All knowledge whether secular or Islamic should be based on Quran and Sunnah. However society or those in search of knowledge have focused mainly on the technical aspect of the Quran instead of its message. In essence the technicality of an iebaadat are amplified whilst the sincerity and spirituality are lost.

The Shaykh further communicated the significance of the implementation of tolerance amongst the Muslim community, especially the scholars. He quoted the hadeeth “None of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”  and expressed his concern whether we truly are implementing this hadeeth in it’s true form.

The Shaykh further elaborated on the contemporary internal and external challenges that our Muslims face and reflected upon our status as heirs of the Prophets.  He stated that by virtue of our links with the Prophet(SAW) we would necessarily inherit the inflictions that they experience and that we should take lessons from their response, elaborated in the Quran and the Sunnah.  We should therefore remain objective when faced with challenges. 

The Shaykh touched on the current Halaal situation that has negatively influenced the well-being of the community and advised that unfortunately people have forgotten that even when you disagree with another person, you should never misrepresent them.  He urged Muslims to be honest in their discourse and stated that we should always remember that unity does not mean conformity.

Therefore, he said that we should never indulge in character assassination of another person based on opinion.  This is not the way of Muslims.

Finally, the Shaykh advised that madressa  syllabi should focus on knowledge not just information. He concluded that we need transformation of the inner self.



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