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The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) acknowledges that the Muslims of South Africa and in the Southern African region have been deeply affected by the Orion Saga and the subsequent broadcasting on the (ETV) 3 rd Degree programme on 17 January 2012.



The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is the religious authority of the Muslims in South Africa. Since its inception in 1945it has served the interest of the Muslim Community and has established the MJC Halaal Trust to regulate and oversee Halaal certification. The MJCHT has ensured that since its inception all its certified foods consumed by Muslims conform to the Halaal standards as prescribed by Islam.
The MJCHT categorically states that it has never certified pork meat or any product derived from pork. It is a fundamental principle and one adhered to diligently by the MJC Halaal Trust throughout history of service of the community.


Orion Cold Storage was registered by the MJCHT as a potential importer of pre-certified Halaal poultry and meat on a consignment basis.
Their contractual agreement refers to an individual certificate for each consignment cleared which is different to the registration certificated partly displayed on the 3 rd Degree program.

Furthermore, the labels printed during the fraudulent, criminal process were not MJCHT authorised MJCHT labels.

The MJC (SA) at no time refused to entertain an interview with 3rd Degree. For the record Sheikh A. Sedick had given an interview to E News prior to the 3 rd Degree debacle.

After being door stopped by 3 rd degree as is their common practice, the MJC offered an d alternate time for an interview which Debora Patta immediately and rudely rejected. After she accused the SG Ml.Abdul Khaliq Allie of lying, the MJC decided not to afford any further interviews to 3 rd Degree.

We therefore want to reassure the community that our decision not to speak to 3rd Degree presenter was in no way due to our inability to answer questions on Halaal but rather a deliberate decision based on the presenter’s lack of journalistic ethics, professionalism and basic etiquette.
The 3 rd Degree programme due to selective editing has misrepresented the facts and misled the community which created the perception that the relabeling took place under the MJCHT’s jurisdiction which is not the case.


This is a call made by the same organisations and individuals who have always undermined the MJC due to the protection of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah with anti-establishment rethoric. They are neither the Muslim community nor representative of the Muslim community but a clique who are bonded with mutual hatred of the MJC which they deem as an elite class, religious gangsters and mafias.


The MJCHT books are audited by independent auditors and in good standing with SARS complying with all regulations. The audited statements have always been available at the offices of the MJCHT for public scrutiny.


The MJCHT is a registered Trust which has a Board. The Operations are managed according strict rules and regulations and adheres to sound ethics as determined by Islamic Law and relies upon the rulings of the MJC Fatwa Committee under distinguished scholars, the likes of Ml.Y.Karaan, Sh.M.A. Fakier, Ml.Tauha Karaan and others.
The MJCHT oversees the import of Halaal meat and poultry. Prior to the MJCHT regulation of Halaal imported meat there was no guarantee as to the status of imported poultry and meat.
The public should be assured that the MJCHT certifications are sound and adheres to the strict rules of Islamic Jurisprudence.
We empathise with community for the trauma they experienced through the lies and misinformation about the integrity of Halaal under the supervision of the MJCHT.
We appeal to the Creator, Almighty Allah to assist us in our efforts to bring clarity to this matter

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