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MJC calls Sh. Qaradawi in Egypt. PDF  | Print |  E-mail

The president of the MJC, Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks today, Thursday 4 July 2013, made an important call to Sh. Yusuf Al Qaradawi, Head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. Sh. Qaradawi is presently in Egypt on the backdrop of the toppling of the democratically elected Egyptian government but a year after it being voted into power, in countries first democratic elections. The events that unfolded in Egypt over the pass 24 hours has sent shock waves around the world as it witnessed a sad day for democracy. Sh. Qaradawi  expressed his appreciation for the South African Muslim's concern for the Egyptian people and also took the opportunity to offer his well wishes to the hero of democracy, former president Nelson Mandela.

The Muslim Judicial Council has arranged a conference call with the South African students currently studying there to ascertain the seriousness of the situation on the ground as it plays itself out.

MJC Winter Outreach Programme PDF  | Print |  E-mail


As part of the Muslim Judicial Council [SA]’s increased supportive role in the township areas, the MJC responded to a plea from Ulama living in the township areas who called for urgent assistance following a weekend of extreme storms that left many homes leaking, flooding and damaged.  With many areas listed as disaster areas on the Cape Flats, the MJC in association with Islamic Relief [IRSA] and Muslim Hands selected to focustheir collective effortsfor relief work in Khayelitsha, Langa, Mfuleni and Gugulethu.

With special concern for those doing dawah and teaching of Islamic studies in affected areas, the MJC prioritized the homes of shuyukh in order to ensure that their homes were reinforced in preparation for the next winter storm.  Exposure to harsh temperatures and rainstorms made blankets for warmth and plastic sheeting a priority as it would seal the home from leaks and keep the inhabitants warm.

DQA Quran Programme Hatam PDF  | Print |  E-mail

The Department of Quranic Affairs (DQA)of the Muslim Judicial Council completed its second Hatam of the Quran in its Quran Revision Programme.

The Quran revision programme is an initiative of the DQA to reach out to Huffaath across Cape Town. The programme visited various Masajid in the Western Cape calling upon Huffaath to come to the Masjid in their numbers to recite various Ajza of the Holy Quran from memory and in unison. The programme started four years ago and as a result various communities benefited from listening to the glorious Quran being recited by our Hafith teachers and students. The Quran Revision Programme on Sunday, visited the Shukrul Mubeen Masjid in York road, Lansdowne. The last five Ajza of the Holy Quran was recited by the Huffaath who gathered at the Masjid and various members of the local community there participated in the programme by following and reciting from the Holy Quran. The programme showcased some of our young Huffaath who with maturity way beyond their years lead the recitations of certain chapters.

MJC Heritage Preservation Group signs MOU PDF  | Print |  E-mail



The Muslim Judicial Council [MJC] is pleased to announce that following discussions on the importance of preserving the heritage of Muslims in the Cape, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Cape Mazaar Society [CMS] and the Bazme Chirag-e Faqir International [BCFI on the 20 June 2013.

The purpose of the Memorandum signed by the Deputy President of the MJC - Shaykh Riad Fataar, the Chairperson of BCFI - Mr Anver Natha and the Chairperson of the CMS – Mr Mahmood Sulayman Limbada is to clarify and record an agreement reached between the MJC and the CMS, BCFI with respect to the MJC supporting initiatives by the two organizations dedicated to the preservation and protection Muslim shrines.

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