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MJC-Alquds condemnation of Zionist attacks on Al-Quds PDF  | Print |  E-mail

8 October 2014



The Al-Quds Foundation (SA) and the Muslim Judicial Council (SA) hereby condemns in the strongest terms the recent spate of attacks that took place in the compound of Masjidul Aqsa earlier this morning, Wednesday 08 October 2014. We are appalled at the total and continuous disregard shown by the Israeli occupation forces for the sanctity of Masjidul Aqsa. The Israeli occupation forces entered the Al-Qibliy mosque which is an integral part of Masjidul Aqsa by force and fired rubber bullets and teargas inside the mosque causing injuries to a number of Muslims praying inside the mosque and burnt sections of the prayer carpet. 

MJC to make presentation at TRC PDF  | Print |  E-mail

The Muslim Judicial Council will present a document at the re-enactment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions faith hearing, this with a specific focus on reconciliation in a post TRC South Africa. MJC  Secretary General, Moulana Abdul Khaliq Allie will present MJC's document at the event. More information about this will follow.

UUCSA:A Petty Squabble Over A Name? Think Again! PDF  | Print |  E-mail



Dhul Hijjah PDF  | Print |  E-mail

The Moon for Dhul Hijjah 1435 has not been sighted on Wednesday 24 September 2014.

The first of Dhul Hijjah will therefore correspond with Friday 26 September 2014 with Eid ul Adhaa, 10 Dhul Hijjah, corresponding with Sunday 5 October 2014 Insha Allah.


Iraq, Syria massacres PDF  | Print |  E-mail

3 September 2014


The Muslim Judicial Council [SA] unequivocally condemns the group that calls itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] for the mass murder and destruction committed against innocent civilians, religious minorities, scholars and places of worship. This group emerged out of the chaos created in Syria by the United States, Nato and Israel. We reject this murderous group which seeks legitimacy amongst Muslims by claiming the noble title of the caliphate while it violates Islamic Sharia and brings disrepute to the noble legacy of the House of Islam. ISIS’s actions does not represent the House of Islam as they do not uphold Islamic values which strive for the preservation of life, its protection through justice and the objective of peace for all nations and creeds.

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